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promotional clothing can make; people’s first impressions will have a huge impact on whether they approach your staff.

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Screen printing is the most traditional, and at Corporate Wear we believe most skilled, method of printing garments. Few companies use this technique because the process is very specialist and requires highly experienced printers to achieve perfect results.

Designs for screen printing must be split into separate colours, using programs such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw. Each colour is stencilled onto its own mesh screen using light reactive chemicals. The stencil forms very fine 'open' areas on the mesh. The screen is positioned over the garment in the desired print position. Wet ink is placed on top of the screen and using a roller or squeegee the ink is spread across the screen forcing it through the 'open' areas of the mesh. This results in a printed version of the stencil on the garment. Once heated, at very high temperatures, the ink is permanently cured on to the clothing.


Embroidery is long lasting quality that can last for years. Applied to lounge shirts, golf shirts, caps and bags, embroidery gives a classy look to any logo. All logos once digitized get proofed by running a sample. This is to ensure that every logo is up to our standard and to make sure our clients are happy with the quality.


Sublimation is suitable for light-coloured synthetic fabrics such as polyester and acrylic. The design is printed onto transfer paper using special ink toners. The transfer paper is placed on the garment and heat pressed, which turns the ink into gas. Under pressure the gas particle merge with the garment fibres. Because the fabric is dyed it produces a softer, smooth finish than prints that lie on top of the garment.                                                                                                                                                                                                     


Promotional days and exhibitions are an absolutely vital tool for many industries, which is the reason we have a wide range of promotional clothing and merchandise we know will help make your business stand out.


Potential customers need to feel your staff are approachable and professional. The fastest way to make the right first impression is with the best staff uniforms to represent your business.


In the correct workwear your staff will not only be the best representatives of your company, you will have the peace of mind knowing their uniforms are up to regulation and will be durable for the physical work your team have to undertake. These products can be branded with your company logo to create an even better impression with your potential clients.


Staff uniforms can be less formal these days, we offer a huge range of fantastic quality garments suitable for businesses whose staff need durability and flexibility from their work wear. We also offer active wear for schools and sporting facilities.

Don’t underestimate the difference the right


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